Chart time: The 10 black metal records that changed my life

This is neither a chart of the best black metal albums of all times nor a list of MY favorite BM albums. So what is this all about? Well, it’s just a small chart featuring the 10 BM records that, in my humble opinion, are standing out for uniqueness and that somehow changed my musical perception. That’s it.
Are you ready, let’s climb the chart!


10. Ulver: Nattens Madrigal

This is absolutely a pillar of black metal music. It definitely needs no introduction and probably each and every one of you have listened to at least one track out of this masterpiece. Personally I’ve always been in a kinda strange relationship with this record. Sometimes I get excited by it, sometimes I get bored quite fast. But the uniqueness of the huge distortion of the guitars, which really sound like a chainsaw slaughtering your flesh off, are simply unforgettable.


9. Drudkh: Forgotten Legends

Absolutely not Drudkh’s favourite record of mine, but definitely the most hypnotizing one. Especially the song False Dawn has a strange malevolent aura, and you can listen to it a hundred times and you’ll never decipher it.



8. Falls of Rauros: The Light That Dwells in The Rotten Wood

A majestic album, deep and engaging. The desperate vocals and the acoustic guitar breaks make this album a total masterpiece to have in one’s own collection.



7. Saor: Aura

Scottish folk melodies trapped in between black metal rhythms: simply astonishing. Also A.Lunn (Panopticon) on drums gave this record an exceptional solid ground for Saor to build his compositions upon.



6. Gris: À l’âme enflammée, l’âme constellée…

It’s simple…in a line I’d say that is one of the most painful albums I’ve ever heard. Pure sorrow in musical outfit.



5. Wolves In The Throne Room: Celestial lineage

Actually, I would have thought that this one should be higher on my chart, but points don’t lie, so we find WiTTR in the midway through the rank.
This album is as much as original as it is obscure. The almighty alternation of black metal, dark ambient and ethereal female vocals are simply beautiful. The uniqueness of the evil and contemplating atmosphere of Celestial Lineage could be find only in others Wolves’ records, no one, in my opinion, has managed yet to make something better nor even similar.



4. Woman Is The Earth: Depths

Wow, this is definitely one of my favorite black metal records ever. It’s hard to explain it with words, just believe me, if you have never heard of them, Depths has something magic, vast, and…well, just give it a try, you’ll love it!


3. Dissection: The Somberlain

This one surely needs no introduction. Simply the darkest pearl ever crafted by human hands. Songs like Black Horizons or Heavens’ Damnation made me understand how much evil a song could be.



2. Falls of Rauros: Brotherhood

FoR delivered 2 tracks here, both beautiful and amazing. But the second one, The Purity of Isolation has something special. I know I say so quite often, but I mean it this time, I mean it like I never did before. This split album (and I mean only the FoR part, in fact Panopticon didn’t get me excited this time) made me understand that black metal could be ruled by acoustic guitars and that outstanding records are beyond music.



1. Lustre: Night spirit

And we have a winner here. I understand that this album has changed my whole perception of music. In my opinion, this is Lustre’s masterpiece. This is MY favorite nightmare!

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